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We are a clean technology specialty firm. We proudly partner with manufacturers and master distributors to deliver disruptive technologies regionally from our home base in the Louisville, Kentucky area.  The information and data found here are popular but limited. Each technology we choose to offer is painstakingly decided on after extensive research and due diligence. They are stand-alone products with exceptional records of success.  We chose to invest in these technologies because they work, they are eco-friendly, and they are likely to be recognized as best practices going forward.  We are supported with extensive training and resources to respond to your questions and concerns but suggest reviewing some of the vast public data for each product independent of any one source. However, this is a good place to start.



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We are a clean technology specialty firm. We choose our product line based on diligent research, potential impact and practicality of installation / operation. Predictable, practical and proven clean technology. Aftermarket high-performance tools for sustainability.  We offer all the data you may need to make a good decision, or you can find it on your own. We did the homework for you, delivering some of the best products in the world to achieve green goals and operational excellence.

Our job is research and to develop the means to deliver a complete turn-key project for our customers.

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