Sealing ductwork is now easy, fast and cost effective. Stop the guesswork, save time and get verifiable, guaranteed results. This technology makes other methods obsolete.

New construction or retrofit, durably sealed ducts solve common problems.


Why do professional firms specify aerosolized duct sealant?

  Energy / Emission Reductions

  Improve Ventilation

  Improve Indoor Air Quality

  Improve HVAC Resiliency and Life-Cycle

  Meet Codes and Specs (every time)

  Make a hard job easier - and more durable.

  Certified Results

Ask for aerosolized duct sealant for a professional grade HVAC project.
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Schools K-12

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Kentucky Landmark Hotel

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LG&E / Luckett & Farley / Abel Construction

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Federal Prison

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Children’s Hospital

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Elementary School

Aeroseal Results

Now that Aeroseal technology has made duct sealing so cost effective and simple to accomplish, duct sealing is quickly rising to the top of the list of strategies building owners and facility managers looking to reduce energy costs and environmental footprint emissions. Aeroseal helps buildings of all types fix ‘all kinds’ of common problems with air flow control.

The results are clear; the old way of sealing ducts is obsolete. A modern construction project includes Aeroseal.

“A must for any sustainability / climate change planning or project”


Aeroseal is made in the USA.
Offered here by a local SDVOSB.

Clients Include

IAQ Kentucky is a subsidiary of Critical Environmental Solutions (CES).


Aeroseal has a proven record of improvements to HVAC system performance in a variety of building types and industries.
Follow the links below for a sample of successful Aeroseal projects that reduced costs, improved indoor air, or met project standards or requirements.

“We understand that in a medical environment, concerns over the health of workers and patients is paramount. We also know that expensive and sensitive equipment cannot in any way be affected by the duct sealing process. Now that Aeroseal has been employed at a growing list of prestigious health care facilities, its safe use in even the most sensitive facilities is being proven every day.”

Robert Seals, Aeroseal LLC

“In order for a hospital to be clean, you have to manage the building’s airflow. By aerosealing the exhaust shafts we ensured that the right amount of stale and potentially infectious air is being adequately and continually removed from the building.”

Derrick Rhodes, President, Aeroseal Southeast


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