CES is uniquely prepared to deploy current edge infection control technologies effective against air and waterborne viruses, bacteria, molds, VOC’s and particulates. They are robust, automatic, durable, consistent (24/7) - and effective against COVID-19. Just like us.

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Ductwork: The vessels of your facility; the pathogen superhighway. 

Nearly all ductwork is leaky – providing lots of little ‘off ramps’ for contagions under pressure. On the return side of ventilation, this effectively spreads contaminated air rather than maintaining strict airflow control for ideal filtration. Let’s not abdicate control. See how:

Reduces Energy Consumption

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Improves Building Ventilation 

Helps Meet Code and Specs for Duct Leakage

Seals ductwork from the inside out

CES is the exclusive Kentucky dealer of Aeroseal, a patented technology created by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory that seals ductwork from the inside out to reduce 90% of leakage, eliminate the need for costly tear out of ceilings and walls, and eliminate the need for accessibility.

HVAC systems can leak as much as 30% of air into unoccupied space. Duct leakage can increase heating and cooling costs and double fan energy use. According to ASHRAE, a 20% leakage can increase fan energy use by 95%. Duct leakage is also linked to poor indoor air quality, poor humidity control, spread of mold, and health hazards such as sick building disease. 

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Aeroseal duct sealing is one of the best and most cost-effective energy-saving solution for property owners.

Additional Benefits of Aeroseal:

• Solves energy consumption and air quality issues without large capital expenditure
• Investment recovery in 3-7 years
• Increases (often by 80-90%) ability to respond to higher cooling or heating needs due to increased occupancy
• Requires minimal disruption to business operations, essential in hospitals and hotels

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Aeroseal has a proven record of improvements to HVAC system performance in a variety of building types and industries. Follow the links below for a sample of successful Aeroseal projects that reduced costs, improved indoor air, or met project standards or requirements.

Northgate II Section 8 High-Rise: Saved $37,000 per year by reducing leakage

Nemours Children's Clinic: Halted spread of airborne infections

Ohio State University – William Hall Complex: Enabled building to pass fire code and received LEED Silver certification

“We understand that in a medical environment, concerns over the health of workers and patients is paramount. We also know that expensive and sensitive equipment cannot in any way be affected by the duct sealing process. Now that Aeroseal has been employed at a growing list of prestigious health care facilities, its safe use in even the most sensitive facilities is being proven every day.”

Robert Seals, Aeroseal LLC

“In order for a hospital to be clean, you have to manage the building’s airflow. By aerosealing the exhaust shafts we ensured that the right amount of stale and potentially infectious air is being adequately and continually removed from the building.” 

Derrick Rhodes, President, Aeroseal Southeast

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